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Alex Patience

"The Power of Imagery"

Within my work, I have some recurring themes of interest: to question how objects and landscape contain memory and how we can invest them to share these stories.  Along with the beauty and value of the environment.  I also have a focus within my practice on death and how we share the process of grieving.  I have explored and made projects on this theme in Scotland, Canada and Mexico. I examine the boundaries between public and private experience.

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‘It’s funny you should say that‘

Gerry lives just outside the city of Glasgow. He has been a Toastmaster since 2006 and DTM since 2016. He is currently a member of three clubs, Glasgow TM, Southside Speakers and, very recently, Toastmasters4golf.

After studying at the University of St Andrews, Gerry worked as a schoolteacher in Zambia and Scotland before embarking on a career in the Food industry.

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Jim Boyd

'Climb Your Mountain'

Do you struggle to overcome challenges - at work, at home or even at Toastmasters? In this brief session, Jim Boyd will share with you a simple and effective approach to better understanding, planning and solving your issues. Through the use of simple questions such as - why? what? and how?, Jim will provide you with a one-page structure to help you to Climb Your Mountain.

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