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10.00 ~ Ten-Minute Tasters

Introducing a panel of 3 Speakers who frequently Speak In Public

Facilitated by Avril Stringer, each presenter will have 10 minutes to talk and then Avril will pitch your questions to the panel.

Ten-Minute Presenters

'Climb Your Mountain'

Do you struggle to overcome challenges - at work, at home or even at Toastmasters? In this brief session, Jim Boyd will share with you a simple and effective approach to better understanding, planning and solving your issues. Through the use of simple questions such as - why? what? and how?, Jim will provide you with a one-page structure to help you to Climb Your Mountain.

"The Power of Imagery"

Within my work, I have some recurring themes of interest: to question how objects and landscape contain memory and how we can invest them to share these stories.  Along with the beauty and value of the environment.  I also have a focus within my practice on death and how we share the process of grieving.  I have explored and made projects on this theme in Scotland, Canada and Mexico. I examine the boundaries between public and private experience.

‘It’s funny you should say that‘

Gerry lives just outside the city of Glasgow. He has been a Toastmaster since 2006 and DTM since 2016. He is currently a member of three clubs, Glasgow TM, Southside Speakers and, very recently, Toastmasters4golf.

After studying at the University of St Andrews, Gerry worked as a schoolteacher in Zambia and Scotland before embarking on a career in the Food industry.

Binal Sawjani

Binal Sawjani

As a distinguished toastmaster, Binal is a sought-after speaker within her specialist area of inspiring confidence for public speaking.

During her time with different Toastmasters clubs, Binal has been involved in many projects involving active listening, positive body language, impromptu speaking and speaking online. These projects have been developed into Speaking Workshops that she now promotes to the wider world, external to the Toastmaster community.

Binal also runs a ‘Confident Speakers’ lunchtime group and an ’Online Orators’ speaking group that enable members to communicate confidently, especially within a professional, corporate environment.

The culmination of creating these projects, workshops, and clubs has provided Binal with a strong skill set in managing all facets of a meeting facilitator role. This includes production work, proficiency in navigating online meeting platforms and attention to minute details that make a meeting transition from moderately engaging to truly outstanding. When Binal’s skillset has been tested, she exhibits the flexibility to adapt to a range of challenges encountered within this line of work.

Whether bolstering confidence in nervous speakers, building trust and rapport with speaking clients or managing meeting atmospheres in the face of technical difficulties – she will consistently display impromptu creative problem solving when needed.


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Jon Carvell

Jonathan (Jon) Carvell

A financial advisor and business coach, with a love of words. 

Jon is fascinated by the power of language, miscommunications when people attempt to communicate and the “brain shutdown” that can take even the most accomplished speakers when faced with unexpected questions.

As an extrovert (and somewhat excitable) child Jon was entered for the English Speaking Board Examinations which began a lifelong love of public speaking and presenting.  Whether it is Motivational, Educational, Inspirational or just for fun; planned or unplanned Jon can call upon 20 years of both professional and private experience.

Twice a finalist in the UK and Ireland final of the Toastmasters International impromptu speaking competition Jon is no stranger to confidently answering those unexpected questions. 

In this interactive workshop, Jon will discuss what happens when those Left Field Questions take you by surprise and share his knowledge of how to manage your brain-freeze; gather your thoughts and deliver a meaningful answer, as well as providing tips and exercises that can improve you overall performance and buy that time you need to think.

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Andrew Brammer

Andrew is a storyteller who writes and tells his own stories. He has now brought back his highly popular 'Stumpy Sanderson's 1970s Stories' about growing up in the 1970s, and in October will be releasing these as podcasts. Some of these stories were previously performed in many sold-out story shows and performances at theatres and venues all around the UK and Ireland.

As well as his shows and performances, Andrew has given many storytelling workshops and talks, including at national conferences, and he has featured on BBC Radio and Independent Radio, performing his stories live and talking about storytelling.

A prolific public speaker, Andrew has given hundreds of speeches and delivered countless coaching sessions and workshops. He has also published articles, books and CDs about the arts of public speaking and storytelling.

Storytelling is an essential aspect of public speaking - arguably the single most powerful weapon in your public speaking armoury. Andrew’s workshop, ‘Stumpy Sanderson Unleashed! (How to Write and Tell Dynamic Stories)’, will cover his ACE storytelling technique – Action (narrative and plot), Characters (description and dialogue) and Eloquence (descriptive language).

Three magical and essential ingredients that can help you breathe life and dynamism into your stories. Packed full of tried and trusted tips and techniques, the session will give you invaluable tools that can give your stories more dramatic impact and entertainment value, and which will enable you, when you have finished your story, to have taken your audience to a different place.

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