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Binal Sawjani

Binal Sawjani

As a distinguished toastmaster, Binal is a sought-after speaker within her specialist area of inspiring confidence for public speaking.

During her time with different Toastmasters clubs, Binal has been involved in many projects involving active listening, positive body language, impromptu speaking and speaking online. These projects have been developed into Speaking Workshops that she now promotes to the wider world, external to the Toastmaster community.

Binal also runs a ‘Confident Speakers’ lunchtime group and an ’Online Orators’ speaking group that enable members to communicate confidently, especially within a professional, corporate environment.

The culmination of creating these projects, workshops, and clubs has provided Binal with a strong skill set in managing all facets of a meeting facilitator role. This includes production work, proficiency in navigating online meeting platforms and attention to minute details that make a meeting transition from moderately engaging to truly outstanding. When Binal’s skillset has been tested, she exhibits the flexibility to adapt to a range of challenges encountered within this line of work.

Whether bolstering confidence in nervous speakers, building trust and rapport with speaking clients or managing meeting atmospheres in the face of technical difficulties – she will consistently display impromptu creative problem solving when needed.


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