I'm a toastmaster ......get me out of here!

Be a Campmate on I'm A Toastmaster ......... Get Me Out Of Here!  

How to audition?  Send a 1-2 minute unedited selfie-style video (minimum of 1 minute, not exceeding 2 minutes 30 seconds) of the moment that you were told you would be on the show - WOW!  


Gosh, it sounds a bit like a Topic's Competition, but "NO"  this is much, much more!  Successful Campmates will complete a series of challenges, including a 'video' challenge and 'live' Bush tucker trial. The winner will be crowned the very first King or Queen of the I'm A Toastmaster ........ Get me Out Of Here! (public speaking) Jungle.

We use the term Toastmaster to depict a person responsible for proposing toasts, introducing speakers and making formal announcements at social events. Many people would describe this person as a Master of Ceremonies, or MC.  Whatever speaker club you belong to (or don't belong to) you are welcome to audition for this competition, show!  Last applications 20 June 2021. 

You can send in your audition now, or wait and read more about the Campmate Commitment to find out what you will be getting yourself into?  Keep watching for updates and news of what else is going on in the lead up to the SteelHaven Conference 2021! 




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