The SteelHaven Conference Committee are thrilled to announce that they are exclusively broadcasting

I'm a Toastmaster ....... Get Me Out of Here!

This is a brand-new format for SteelHaven, including live and recorded streaming of Bushtucker trials directly from Base camp.  We are currently seeking aspiring Campmates to audition for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Successful Campmates will complete challenges to earn stars. There will be speeches, there will be voting, but there will only be one King or Queen of the Jungle.

To audition you will need to send a 1-2 minute selfie-style video of the moment that you were told that you would be on the show!

These videos will be used for the audition process and the six successful Campmates’ videos will be used on social media to promote this event.

Last date for application submissions is midday on Sunday 20 June 2021
(this date may be extended without notice at the committee's discretion).

Put it in your diary!
For more information watch our social media      

I'm a Toastmaster ....... Get Me Out of Here!

I The Mission |

Looking for luxuries or checking up on our very own Ant & Dec (aka Helen & Gilli)?

Shenanigator feels the competition ramping up as it's every Campmate for themself in the Jungle

It seems the paranoia is spreading with even Camp Director/Contest Chair Helen Tait feeling like she wants to get out of the jungle...NOW 

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James of the Jungle is proclaimed The King of the Jungle! A tough fought contest but we have a Winner! 

Following on from the success of her Great Dessert Island Adventures Celebrity Chef Sue McQueen is hitting the road again with her new show for next year - Great Jungle Jelly Adventures - but this time there are no actual roads to follow.

She’ll be travelling into the depths of the jungle to an undisclosed part of the world. Sue is on the ultimate culinary trip and will be joined by the 4 remaining Campmates on the I’m A Toastmaster ……..Get Me out Of Here! set.

Some of the Campmates started out as good friends, but all this changed once food became scarce and the competition got hotter.  However, they all need to forage for food to feed themselves. Follow Sue for her trip of a lifetime, packed with her amazing jungle recipes provided by the GMOOH Campmates.


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Series Designer & Producer. Peddling fast towards SteelHaven 2021.   Helen Tait

Web Designer and Marketing. See you at SteelHaven.   Sue McQueen
Can't Wait To Get This Conference Started! Series Director.  Anthony Day

Technical Director. Raising a cheer for SteelHaven 2021!  Binal Sawjani

Costume Director. Tipping my cap to SteelHaven 2021!  Jane Craggs

Programme Director. See you at SteelHaven. Gilli Caldicott
Editor. Looking forward to seeing other mugs at SteelHaven. James McGinty
Executive Producer (Money stuff).  Spreadsheets ahoy!  Michael Clarke
Costume Designer. Swimming her way to Steel Haven 2021.  Avril Stringer
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