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Jon Carvell

Jonathan (Jon) Carvell

A financial advisor and business coach, with a love of words. 

Jon is fascinated by the power of language, miscommunications when people attempt to communicate and the “brain shutdown” that can take even the most accomplished speakers when faced with unexpected questions.

As an extrovert (and somewhat excitable) child Jon was entered for the English Speaking Board Examinations which began a lifelong love of public speaking and presenting.  Whether it is Motivational, Educational, Inspirational or just for fun; planned or unplanned Jon can call upon 20 years of both professional and private experience.

Twice a finalist in the UK and Ireland final of the Toastmasters International impromptu speaking competition Jon is no stranger to confidently answering those unexpected questions. 

In this interactive workshop, Jon will discuss what happens when those Left Field Questions take you by surprise and share his knowledge of how to manage your brain-freeze; gather your thoughts and deliver a meaningful answer, as well as providing tips and exercises that can improve you overall performance and buy that time you need to think.

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