In spare moments between trials. Shenanigator found time to write home. This connection is vital to a Campmate's morale, and for family and friends they left behind. 

It appears that Shenanigator is not enjoying her experience. 

C'mere shams

I thought this was gonna be a midazza gig & great craic but it's pure cat, like. They said it would be like a mockia Fota but it's more like Ringaskiddy in winter. No sign of a pamper room either, like; my nails are manky & my hair's wrecked so I need a bazzer already. I'm scaaarlet; totally streeling, like.

No four-faced liar & no goldie fish, so I never know what time it is or where the wind is coming from.

Food is awful; I miss Dino's & I'd kill for a Tanora. What was I thinking?

Get Me Outta Here, like!



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