No Campmate is safe. We report the tragic loss of Morpheus. He said, “I’m out of Here!” and vanished.  Read why we think the “Salties” got him.

The only thing that Morpheus left behind was the waft of his Montblanc Legend Eau de Toilette, the luxury item he brought into the camp and the envy of all.   His disappearance coincided with the Crocodile Cage of Death Challenge when six Saltwater Crocs were released into the river. “Salties” are known as the animal most likely to eat a human and with an average-size length of 17 feet they can do it. We fear the worst, but he is still with us in spirit. 

Follow the five remaining Campmates as they bid to gain your stars (votes) and be crowned the very first King or Queen of the (public speaking) Jungle.

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