Diary entry

[10:16, 04/09/2021] James of the jungle:

think it is the pink berries with purple spots that I told both of them not to eat but they did.



Diary entry
[10:28, 04/09/2021] James of the Jungle:

Early this morning whilst tracking a rare emerald green baboon, my phone was pulled out of my hand by its companion, who promptly deleted all my video footage, and photos from since I started on the jungle, deleted my video app and told me if I kept following them things would go all weird berries ish.

He, or rather they, as it was made clear to me gender has no correct pronoun's in the jungle, explained that paparazzi like me (which is how I was viewed) were not welcome, intruding into the private lives of forest animals.

I was implored to go away, back to my camp and concentrate on my jungle etiquette.

Basically, I am now unable to do videos, so will stick with paper and pencils. But I will have a diary's worth of flavoursome entries to make in my diary, maybe.

I am mystified. Maybe there is some sort of evil fog that comes through the forest during the night that poisons their minds. As for me, I am snug in my hermetically sealed tent so maybe I am immune to the fog


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